August 24, 2006

Many of you are aware of how much I watch Spanish television. Since I don't get Fox Sports World to watch English Premier League anymore, I've learned to settle for Primera Division Profesional action. Mexican soccer is different from English soccer in that there is always tons of confetti and rolls of toilet paper tossed onto the field of play. And they make about 0.0000034% of what the EPL players make.

But lately, I've started watching some of the AZN channel as well. I used to just watch the Cricket World and Asia Street Comedy programs. (The latter program is not funny at all. I watched only for audience cameo shots of ex-roommates.)

I have found a new show on AZN: Rouge. It's about a female rock band that are actually super secret agents. The show is in English. Think of an Asian version of She-Spies, but with 4 hot chicks instead of just 3. That makes this show 33% better.
It's really cheesy action and even cheesier dialogue. Even the infamous cheese jokes can't match up. My favorite line so far: They are in a bar, and the guy secret agent who accompanies the 4 girls orders a drink. Another girl at the bar is upset at him and throws her drink at him. He calmly sips his drink then says "My shirt is wet, but the martini is still dry.' Highly entertaining.
2 half-hour episodes are usually on between 12 and 1am or 1 and 2am on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Check your local listings, or just set a series recording on the DVR.

For those of you who are tired of the immoral filth on tv and just want to smash the screen in, I have some advice: Don't use a wooden bat. (Thanks for posting it, J. I will add it to my sidebar.)

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