August 22, 2006

A few of my friends seem to think that I am an expert when it comes to playing Madden. But it's not really true. I'm really not that great of a gamer. The reputation was built up from playing Madden 2001 (or whenever it first got on the PS2). A single play, the legendary Az Fly, made me pretty much unstoppable. Az Hakim played on the Rams then, as part of The Greatest Show on Turf years. He was their 3rd wideout and wasn't that good, but his speed and agility ratings were both in the high nineties. I just got really good at moving him around and throwing the deep pass to Az.

In Madden 2007, Az Hakim can be found on the free agent list. His overall rating is just a 75, but his spd/agi is still a decent 95/94.

There are only 5 players with an overall 99 Madden rating:
QB Peyton Manning
CB Champ Bailey
LT Walter Jones
S Ed Reed
P Shane Lechler

For the fantasy football debate, the top backs' overall Madden ratings:
Shaun Alexander 98 (He's the cover boy though, so watch out)
L Tomlinson 97
Larry Johnson 95
Edgerrin James 96
Tiki Barber 95
Reggie Bush 87, but with spd/agi of 97/98
(ESPN's Chris Mortensen picked Bush with the 6th overall pick in ESPN's fantasy league. I'm not sure if I really want Mort as my draft wingman.)

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