August 27, 2006

On Pardon The Interruption (PTI) Kornheiser and Wilbon have a segment called Oddsmaker, where they give their best guess in percentages as to the chances of a certain event happening. For example, they may be debating the chances of Pedro Feliz seeing more than 2 pitches in an at bat when there are runners on base. One guy may say something like 50% and come up with some argument to support that, the other guy will say something like 22% and come up with some numbers for his side. (We all know the answer to that one is really 0.75%.)

I'm going to play Oddsmakers on Mad Cal today. Of course, since there is nobody else here to argue against me, I'm already the winner. Perhaps I need to bring back the PTI blog entries with Messy to generate ratings. On with the game. The focus of this segment will be on Cal and retirements.

Chances that Cal will retire from poker: 81%

I only have one real poker strategy: play suited cards. And if they can connect, even better. Unfortunately, many players have figured out my strategy and have even started to use it against me. I was the reigning champion of Poker Bastard's tournament and finished in last place in this weekend's tourney when the Poker Bastard himself busted me out with his A-9 suited against my A-K unsuited.
I'm also getting bored with poker. I might just take some time off to develop a new undervalued strategy that will take over the poker world, like how the Oakland A's and Moneyball made OBP and OPS the new big thing in baseball a few years ago. Until then, suited cards still dominate.
I also lost my ninja star WSOP card protector thing and its backup, the light-up saw blade is slowly running out batteries. Maybe it's a sign. Besides, I've got to focus my gambling skills on football.

Chances that Cal will retire from CCU softball: 12%

2006 CCU Softball Division BB Champs.....Your CBF Mo-Yeah team!!!
Ending a career after a championship victory is always the best way to go out, so there is a slight chance that I might not come back to play, but there are still a lot of softball goals to reach for. Like a ring at the A level, or turning a 5-4-3 triple play. Or my lifelong dream of the infield double. (Hit a slow grounder to short, run just fast enough to bait a throw to first, then turn on the speed and make the sharp turn to second. If the second baseman isn't paying attention and covering the base, 2nd could be mine easily, depending on where the shortstop fielded the ball. It would still take a decent throw from the now confused and panicking first baseman to get me. I might consider dropping down playing at the C level just to pull off this move.)

I guess a lot will depend on how the team (or teams) will be set up next year. This whole season, I felt our team was caught in the middle of playing for fun with everyone or playing to win. CCU Sports (Chinese Christian Union ministries) motto: Play to Win!! I made that up. We're supposed to be playing for the fellowship and fun, which we do, but it also gets very intense at times which seems to suck the fun out of it for some players. Maybe I'll play next year and taunt the other teams just to stir things up. Our team always seems to be involved in controversy anyways.

Chances that Cal will retire from karaoke: 99.8%

I don't even know how I got sucked into playing the Karaoke Revolution games on PS2. If you've never heard me sing, well there's a reason for that. I absolutely suck. I suck more than the suckiest bunch of suckers that ever sucked at singing. In fact, I'm banned by public ordinaces from attending karoake bars in 3 different counties. But I might be willing to unretire to play the Karaoke Revolution Country version just so I can sing She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy. It's a real song by Kenny Chesney and was one of the first country songs I liked.

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