July 1, 2008

More proof that athletes really do live in another world:

Example 1:

I would like to have the opportunity to walk away from $17.8M of guaranteed money. I understand that professional sports is a business and athletes are just out to get as much money for themselves and their families, but they really are out of touch with the general public that allows them to live such extravagant lifestyles.

99.2% of the world will never see $17,800,000 in their lifetimes let alone one year. How much money do you really need? (Of course, I'm the guy who won't buy a lottery ticket unless if the jackpot is at least $60M because $20M or so isn't worth it.)

I will bring up the famous words used by former NBA player Latrell Sprewell to reject a 3 year $21M contract: 'I've got to feed my family.' At $7M a year, I'm sure he could have fed his family filet mignon and lobster every meal even if he lived in one of those polygamist cults. (I don't think Sprewell played another year after turning down the offer.) I guess Baron Davis does eat a lot more than Latrell ever did.

Example 2:

The MLB Players Union filed a grievance on behalf of Houston Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon, claiming his contract was terminated without cause. The player grabbed his boss around the neck and threw him down to the ground. Please tell me one other job in the entire world, aside from professional wrestling, where you can do that and not get fired. If I did that, I'm sure I'd get charged with assault and battery.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why I enjoy watching idiots like these play on tv. Then I remembered that without these guys, I would have to rely on poker as my main gambling outlet. I'm going all in against Zito in his next start. Might not be $17.8M, but it'll be still be guaranteed money.

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