July 7, 2008

How do you stop a bull from charging?
Take away his credit card.

Thirteen hurt on first day of Spanish bull run

I've stated that participating in the Pamplona Bull Run is one of the few reasons that I would travel to Europe. 13 hurt, only 1 seriously. That seems plenty safe enough for me.

A little research shows that 14 people have died from this since 1924. I guess it's only fair. We've been making filet mignon and flat iron steaks out of them for years. They deserve a chance to fight back.

The bulls run the 850 meter route at about 24km/hour (just under 4 minutes). I can do that easily. Besides, I don't have to be faster than the bulls. I just have to be faster than the guy behind me.

Just typing this post reminds me a bit of my favorite Fox reality show ever: Man vs Beast. (Check out some clips on youtube.)

Just for fun, I'm going to make a list of animals I could beat in a one on one fight to the death (I'd have to have at least my knife or a rock):
your dog
any rodent
any non-whale-sized fish
any bird, including penguins
a small bear
elephant (I'd take him down like Legalas in LOTR)
snake (but only if it was on a plane)

List of animals that would literally eat me for lunch in a fight:
hippo (very vicious from what I hear)
alligator (if in the water, but I could take it on land)
great white shark
polar bear
giant squid

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