July 10, 2008

I hate MTV (and VH1 even more). I hate those American Idol type contest shows. Yet 2 wrongs somehow make a right because I really like watching America's Best Dance Crew or rather Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew hosted by Mario Lopez (MTV 10pm Thurs, although they replay it approximately 350 times throughout the week).

I have the dancing ability of a 71 year old peg-legged pirate. Elaine Benes with her little kicks and thumbs could probably serve me in a dance off. But unlike the other MTV shows that feature celebrity whores and spoiled kids and the other contest shows where contestants cry and get emotional when they are sent packing, this show just entertains me. I do not watch any of the other 45 dancing shows on tv, especially ones featuring so-called 'stars.'

The judges entertain me as much as the dance crews. JC Chasez of NSync fame seems to be the straight guy, since he's never too harsh or too complementary. It's hilarious when JC tells a group they got to come out harder and really bring it. Shane Sparks always just says the group killed it. You guys just killed it. He's usually pretty nice, so when he tells a group they sucked, they were really bad. Then there's Lil Mama. I like her because she's honest with the groups, but some of her comments leave even my ghetto mind confused. I remember she made a comment like 'You've got to stab that chicken in the heart' and everyone pretended like they knew what she was talking about.

I also wonder how many people actually vote on these shows. I'm sure it's probably like 32 teenagers who casts 12,000 text votes each. Yet somehow, I have more confidence in the outcome of this crowd's voting abilities than I do when sports fans vote for the All-Star players.

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