April 1, 2008

I hate the Pros vs Joes show on Spike TV. I think the idea is great, pitting weekend athletes against former professionals, and giving fans who say 'I could do better than that guy' a chance to prove it, but the scoring format they use for the show is terrible.

Yesterday I told a co-worker that I don't think Barry Zito could strike me out. I'm not claiming that I could go yard on him. I'm just saying I would be able to put the ball in play somewhere, like a grounder to second or something. His fastball tops out at 85. I pitch in slow-pitch softball and my fastball can reach 64. Imagine if I didn't have to throw underhand.

One guy Zito might be able to strike out: Pedro Feliz.

As for the other Barry, I think it's kind of messed up how the Giants have removed all the signs and banners of Bonds and the home run chase. He is baseball's current hr king, he brought fans out to a park that he basically built, he is one of the greatest ball players of his generation (steroids or not) and management decides to cut all ties and pretends he no longer exists. I hope the Giants also took down the Splash Hits sign because it might be a while before one of the SF players gets one to the kayaks.

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Allan said...

I agree about Bonds. But any team who has a lineup consisting of a Eugenio and a Rajai has to be questioned.