March 27, 2008

Things that were once lost are now found.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for my He-Man sword. It has a little button that you can push and the sword says 'I HAVE THE POWER!' Then it transforms whoever is holding it into a muscled up shirtless guy. (I was just going to rip off my shirt. I've already got the muscles.) I wanted to use it as a prop for a bible study I was leading. I found it in the back of the garage in a box that holds my real weapons, including the legendary board with nails.

I also found my misplaced CD wallet. I've been wanting to swap out the music of the CD changer in my car. It's been all country and Eminem for a few months. There's this one Japanese pop CD I've been wanting to listen to. I don't understand any of it, but it does match my Japanese flag Discover card. I can blast it when I pay by credit at the Taco Bell drive through windows.

It appears that we have also found enough players for an Axis and Allies game this weekend. Lucky for me, I can play as Germany or Japan without a mastery of the native languages. To win, I just need a good dice coach. Maybe Chappelle's Show's Ashy Larry can come play with us some day.


phuoc said...

i still say samurai sword is a superior game

Abraham said...

oh the memories... i don't have many ppl to play axis and allies with... sniff