February 26, 2008

I've spent $4 in parts to repair a $9 batting tee. Not that batting practice has helped us. We got beaten today and our winter league ends with a lousy 3rd place finish. It sucks because I know I should have pitched and hit better. I played like Perry Ziliz (a combination of Barry Zito and Pedro Feliz). Now we got a month to regroup before the spring leagues start. I'm hoping the HGH I ordered online will be here by then.

Update: Telefutura is currently showing a movie where a chimp plays baseball. The chimp just turned an unassisted triple play and drew a bases loaded walk to win the game. I refuse to take a walk when playing softball. When I batted with the bases loaded today, I hit into a force out at second base. (One run did score.) So I guess if we want to win, we should recruit a few players from the zoo to start in my place.

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