January 31, 2008

It's Tom Cruise's world and I'm just watching it.

Yesterday A Few Good Men was on tv. I have this on dvd, but whenever I see any part of the courtroom scene I get hooked. I really enjoy the dialogue in this film. Especially Demi Moore's 'I strenuously object' line, the follow up where her partner makes fun of her and of course Jack's 'You need me on that wall' speech.

Tonight, I'm watching Top Gun, which I also have on dvd, and this film also has its share of great quotes, highlighted by 'Never leave your wingman.' I really just watch Top Gun for the super hot beach volleyball scene.

Meanwhile, Telefutura is currently showing Mission Impossible or rather MisiĆ³n Imposible. I actually haven't seen any of the MI series, and I don't intend to watch it in another language. I will admit that I have watched Top Gun (and The Karate Kid) on the Spanish channels more than once in my life.

If I need to see more of the short scientologist, I can always put in my Days of Thunder or The Color of Money dvd's.

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