February 3, 2008

Super Bowl, super blah.

I really wanted to see The Patriots go 19-0. But it seemed most of the crowd I was watching the game with was rooting for the Giants. I even had a few usually friendly females give me an 'In your face!' taunt, you know, because it was me that couldn't tackle the other players.

I hate Eli Manning. He made me sick today. (Well, it might have been the 3 pounds of hot wings.) If he didn't already bankrupt my football account over the past month, it surely would have been emptied today.

Peyton and Eli actually have an older brother named Cooper, who did not play in the NFL. Now when Peyton and Eli wear their Super Bowl rings around the house, Cooper must feel like a real loser.

We hosted a big game viewing party at church this afternoon. We had 2 projectors set up in 2 different rooms. This took a little work since our building has no cable. In room 1, we put blackout cloth over the windows, and had the projector hooked up to a HD digital receiver and a huge satellite dish looking antenna 'rented' from Radio Shack because we were having problems picking up over the air HD signals. In room 2, we attached a $5 antenna to a 1991 VCR and plugged it into the projector. So while room 1 had all the expensive equipment and the clearer HD picture, it occasionally paused and blinked due to the low signal strength. We all watched the end of the game in the room with the VCR hookup and slightly fuzzier picture. Old school 1, hi tech 0.


runnerrunner said...

Eli Manning is unstoppable! BTW, Cooper's career was ended prematurely because of a nerve injury.

Calvin said...

Eli: Mine is nicer.

Peyton: No way. Mine is way cooler.

Eli: Hey Coop, which one of our Super Bowl rings is nicer?

Cooper: Hey you know, I'd have one too, but..

Peyton/Eli: We know, we know, the old nerve injury.

Archie: Hey boys, want to throw the ball around? ... Oh not you, Coop. Don't want to risk injuring that nerve thing.

Cooper: Hey! You want to see the doctor's note? It's a serious injury!

You know they will do this every Thanksgiving from now on.

Eli Manning said...

Kiss my ring Mad Cal!

runnerrunner said...

Horrible.....now you're making fun of the handicapped! What's next? Parking in their spots?