November 13, 2007

I always said that I wanted to run for President once I was old enough. Remember to vote for Cal in 2016. I'm taking applications for my running mate now. Main requirement: must be willing to do all the presidential work I don't want to do. Meet the new leader of France? Send the VP. Read through 945 pages of budget recommendations? Give it to the VP. (I realize the President has a staff that does all that for him, but I'd rather dump the work on the VP's staff. Keep my employees happy.) I just want to do the cool stuff like fly around on Air Force One, throw out first pitch at the World Series, answer the red phone on my desk, and make big dramatic speeches about defending our freedom against aliens from outer space. And bomb small countries.

I may have one person on my future White House cabinet. I found out this guy finished 3rd in the recent SF mayoral election. He played with me on a softball team with co-workers. If he's going to play for my future White House team, Q's going to have to improve his defense. My administration will not lose to Canada. I'll sign an executive order to legalize steroids and HGH if I have to.

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Mike 'Frosti' Zernow said...

The tribe has spoken.