November 15, 2007

One of my job duties involves running monthly training session for our tutors. We cover stuff that will help them as tutors at our school sites. Last time was about behavior management. This time the topic is math. It's supposed to be a refresher course in middle school mathematics. I'm covering fractions, decimals, percents, stats, and my personal favorite, probability. I am going to show that using two dice, it is harder to roll a 4 than a 10.

Easy gambling tips: bet against the Warriors and 49ers.

Even when the W's were up 20 last night, I had no doubt that Detroit would come back and win by 1.5 points. I don't see how Captain Jack and his tattoos can help turn this ship around. It's on a 6 month trip to lottery land.

Here's how bad it is for the 49ers: For the second time in a month, they are underdogs against a 1-win team. This time at home. Maybe Greg Roberts* at his site can give you the actual numbers, but I think it must be the first time in NFL linesmaking history that a team was a dog to two 1 win teams after the first two months of the season. Do the safe thing and take the under (40). The Rams can't score 40 points.

*Roberts is a sports handicapper who has a weekly segment on The Razor and Mr. T's show on Friday. He makes football picks, but he always busts out with some stupid stats to back up his selections. In the last 10 years, after a road loss where they were favored by 6 or more, Texas' record in home games where they are favored by 9 or less, is 17-2. Or crap like, Auburn is undefeated when they wear the white jerseys in conference road game in the month of November. Needless to say, this guy does not do very well with his picks.

Bonus Mad Cal 12 star pick: Take the blue turf. Boise St -34.5 vs Idaho.

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