October 3, 2007

A woman who claims she was sexually harassed by Isaiah Thomas and the New York Knicks was awarded $11+ million. After the trial, she says this: "What I did here, I did for every working woman in America and that includes everyone who gets up and goes to work in the morning, everyone working in a corporate environment." Then she adds: "It's for every man in the corporate environment who does act like a professional."

I have several issues with her statement.

1. Is every working woman going to get a cut of the $11M? I doubt it. I don't think every working woman gets sexually harassed. I'll bet that Isaiah and the Knicks never even harassed the WNBA players who played at MSG. Of course, like 97% of the population, they probably never knew there was a WNBA franchise in the building. (NY Liberty. I looked it up.)

2. How is this for every man in the corporate environment who acts like a professional? If anything, this makes it more difficult for any male worker in the office. I won't be able to say "Hey, you're looking good today," or "Can I borrow your pen, bitch?" without fear of being sued for sexual harassment. Soon mall Santas won't even be able to say their traditional "Ho, ho, ho" if there are any female workers within a 15 foot radius.

3. Prior to making this statement, after hearing the jury decision in the courtroom, she jumped up and yelled "Suck it, Zeke!" and started high-fiving her lawyers. I didn't think that was very cool. (This may not have really happened.)


Allan said...

I'm pretty sure he didn't make advances at the WNBA players. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dave Cruser said...

The tribe has spoken.