September 30, 2007

If it were legal in the state of California, I would marry DeSean Jackson. Man, what a football player.

It was a great college football weekend. Cal is ranked #3, but it won't mean anything unless we keep on winning. I couldn't decide if I should have been rooting for USC to lose to Washington, so Cal could own the Pac-10, or to keep USC undefeated until next month. Usually, once a big favorite fails to cover the spread for me, as was the case for Oklahoma USC, and Florida, I pull for them to lose. In any case, Cal +200 helped salvage my West Virginia mistake.

Non-football related football question: Why does ESPN Heisman Hopeful Kentucky quarterback Andre' Woodson have an apostrophe included in his first name? Can I legally change my name to Calvin'? Is his son going to be Andre'' or De'Andre'?

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