October 11, 2007

Comcast is taking away some channels and putting them only on the digital package. One of these channels is going to be the AZN channel. I don't watch this channel often, but every now and then, they have late night movies that catch my attention.

I was just flipping through and I saw a rich guy get beat up. He was rich enough to have a small putting or chipping green at his house. He was standing outside, obviously scared of this thug who had come looking for him. He was threatening to call the police,when the thug picked up a 7 iron. Instead of striking the guy with the club, he tees up a golf ball and smashes it straight at the rich guy's stomach, who instantly doubles over in pain. The thug calmly rolls up another ball, takes another swing, and sends it on a line to the guy's hand, causing him to drop his phone. Pulls up another ball, takes another swing and drills him in the gut again. Now the rich guy is laying on the ground in agony, and the thug lines up another ball, this time going for a potentially fatal head shot. But then he sees some girl in the window, she gives him a look, the thug decides to drop the golf club and ride away on his motorcycle.

Despite being very impressed with this Asian thug's golf skills, I didn't watch much more of this movie because it was in Korean. Yet I still have the need to turn up the volume. Just like when I watch the Spanish channels. Comcast better not take away Univision and Telefutura.

Bonus information: The movie name is 3 Iron. It's about a guy who breaks into houses of vacationers and stays a few days in their house, eating their food, watching their tv, doing their laundry, making household repairs, then takes pictures of himself in the house before he leaves the next day. The dude he beat up with the golf balls was an abusive husband. The wife decides to follow the thug for his next few break ins. They never talk.
One thing that was kind of cool was the burglar kept the 3 iron with him and takes practice shots wherever he goes with a homemade Hit-a-way, until a fatal accident occurs. My homemade Quickswing never caused harm to anyone.

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