July 23, 2007

Maybe Beckham can do something about this since he's now an adidas guy living in Los Angeles: State Supreme Court nixes sales of shoes made with kangaroo hide

Kangaroo shoes give you more hops. Besides, what are you going to do with the skin after you make kangaroo stew? Seriously, this Man vs Wild show has got me wanting to kill and eat all sorts of wild animals.

Soccer is probably one of two sports where a crooked referee can affect an outcome more than a basketball ref. (Number one sport = pro wrestling) But soccer referees know if they get caught or are even suspected of cheating, they will face a fatal beat-down from opposing fans. In football and baseball, one guy on the take usually isn't enough to change the course of a game unless he makes it overly obviously he is cheating. Mobsters don't cares about hockey enough to fix those games. (Although Gretzky's wife set up some sort of illegal gambling ring.) I'm going to file a class-action lawsuit against the NBA for all the games I lost money on. So much for the an NBA team moving to Las Vegas.


Allan said...

The deer meat here in Virginia is excellent.

runnerrunner said...

A baseball ump has the most influence in the outcome of a wager. By controlling the strike zone, he can effectively add or subtract 3 runs to any over/under.

Calvin said...

There are players like Pedro Feliz who can pretty much guarantee the under is the way to go.