June 20, 2007

I took students on a field trip to the SF Zoo today. A rare Mad Cal photo blog will recap the action.

This is an ass of an ass. For some strange reason, the kids in my group were fascinated with taking pictures of animal butts all day long.

A kid wanted $4.25 to buy some kettle corn. I told him I would give him $10 bucks if he hopped the barrier and petted the polar bear den. He thought about it and asked for $30 instead.

Why are there so many freaking animated cartoons/movies about penguins? This bunch did literally nothing during the 5 minutes we stood there. No dancing, no surfing, no marching anywhere. They were just staring off into space with statue poses.

You know what I thought of when I saw this? That's right, lunch! (Click here for my favorite Man vs Wild video.)

That same kid who wanted money for kettle corn got hungerier as the day went on and finally accpeted my offer of $20 for petting the tiger. It's some of the best video that I have ever recorded on my camera which I cannot post online. I told the other staff that his parents called and came to pick him up. I had to pay each of the other kids in the group $25 to keep quiet.

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