June 18, 2007

Those who can do, those who can't teach.

I was a 'coach' at a skills clinic for a summer volleyball league even though I'm not that great at the game. If there were a Madden version of volleyball, I would have a player rating of about 67, which would be roughly equal to a backup punter. (I do have a 94 rating at the Country Karaoke Revolution volleyball minigame. I must also mention that I have retired from all singing versions of the Karaoke Revolution games with a career rating of 3.) I helped out at the spiking station because I've had so many shots blasted at me that I know exactly what a good kill looks like.

So our group actually has 2 entries in this summer league, a Brian Rec (recreational) team and a Brian Comp (competitive) team. My 67 rating puts me on the Brian Rec team, which I like for 2 reasons: No volleyballs in my face at 93 mph and I can attempt the mythical header spike. (I've been watching USA men's soccer dominate in Gold Cup play. They've outscored the Giants on 3 straight gamedays.)

But in the inter-divisional portion of the schedule, Brian Rec will play Brian Comp. The Rec team is all about playing for fun, but not for this game. I will even train for this one game that will determine if we have a good season or a great season. First order of training: Develop a gyro-serve.

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