May 22, 2007

The last shall be first...except in the NBA, where the last shall be fourth.

I'm dishing out the hate to the NBA. I hate watching 87-79 playoff games. I hate how the league screwed over Steve Nash and the Suns. I hate how ESPN makes it sound like Lebron is supposed to single-handedly defeat the most complete team in the Eastern conference. I hate that the WNBA still exists.

But I like the results of the draft lottery. I like the fact that the top two rookies next season will be playing on unmarketable teams that absolutely suck. (Payback for making the rest of this postseason unwatchable.) I like how teams that intentionally lost games this season were not rewarded with top picks. (This might have been rigged by the NBA to prevent teams from tanking in future seasons.) And why do teams have to send a representative to the draft? Is there a 'Must be present to win' clause somewhere?

The Warriors have the 18th overall pick. They should draft Brady Quinn. I think he's still hiding in the green room somewhere.

Bonus Mad Cal draft coverage: My favorite draft moment of the night happened during Sportscenter. Steven A. Smith, Michael Wilbon, Jon Barry, and Dan Patrick were discussing the aftermath of the draft. Then Barry made some ridiculous statement about how Portland has enough young players and they might trade out of the top spot. Wilbon and Smith both gave Barry this crazy look. Steven A Smith was actually left speechless.


runnerrunner said...

Somewhere in Boston, you can hear a primal scream from Simmons.

Allan said...

Now the league has two great Bradys.

We should tank our NBA 2K7 season so we can get the next Yi Jianlian. Then after that, we should play your soccer game and start a soccer franchise.

Bob said...

While I would have preferred leniency with regard to the Suns' transgression so that they could put everyone onto the floor... it's no one's fault but their own that they lost the series. They got outplayed, and Amare/Diaw stepped onto the floor knowing the rule. They screwed themselves.

That being said, I'm in favor of a better interpretation of the rule that uses common sense.