May 21, 2007

I don't think it's strange that I watch Spanish television. What is strange is that sometimes I turn up the volume, as if it were louder, I would somehow understand it better.

I usually just watch soccer/sports highlights, a scandalous soap opera, and occasionally Mexican wrestling. Watching the luchadors isn't as appealing as watching the WWE superstars or divas. The moves are often poorly executed and they usually are not as athletic. But occasionally they get the midgets and women involved. There's nothing like seeing a 250 pound guy throw a 2 foot man over the top rope and then drop-kick a 100 pound female in the face. I love the masks and costumes, especially the full body skeleton suit guy.
But the one thing the that I love the most is the slow motion x-ray video of the most devestating moves during the match recap. (Sorry, couldn't find any video clips.) They will show a replay of a pile driver or a guy being sent through a table. They will pause the action just before the moment of impact and the screen will go into x-ray mode so you can see the actual bone-crunching effects of the move. I would watch more UFC if they used this awesome technology.

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