May 17, 2007

I hope plastic bags aren't going to be illegal in Daly City anytime soon. I just bought 9 items from the local Albertson's and the bagger packed my groceries into 6 different plastic bags, with one double bagged for a total of 7. If I were at the self-checkout lane, I would have easily fit my stuff into 2 bags. Maybe they get paid by the bag.

I did find a new beverage while shopping today. Lipton's Brisk Iced Green Tea. It's apple flavored, with other natural flavors. It's not as green as I thought, but still a fine drink nevertheless. And since it has 20 less calories per can than Pepsi, it means I'll only gain 39 pounds a year from drinking 3 cans a day.

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Bob said...

Make sure to recycle those plastic bags! It uses a lot of petroleum to manufacture them. So, lots of plastic bags = higher gas prices.