May 14, 2007

IKEA is a great place. But 2 things about the store bother me.

First off, it's more of a labyrinth than a store. Once you get in, there is no way out. The freaking arrows on the ground just serve to bring you deeper into the maze, hoping you will eventually run into some item that will catch your eye and your wallet. 2 people asked me how to get out of the store today. I don't even work there, but they seemed so desperate to escape, I had to help them.

Secondly, I like the idea of a self service warehouse to keep costs down, but once you find your ugsloop, you have to find the matching malapatu, except there are three different items all called malapatus and I have to make sure I got the right one.


messy said...

Your first complaint sounds like a premise for a bad movie...

A ragtag group of IKEA patrons get lost in the store and turn to Mad Cal to lead them out.

"Follow me! I will lead us out!"

Calvin said...

It would be a better movie if we went the Lord of the Flies route. One group would stay in the showrooms and the other tribe would hide in the warehouse.

"I have the ranku! I have the ranku!"