May 1, 2007

Cal has Oski. Stanford has some drunken tree. San Francisco State has some alligator.

Today, I was the alligator. I went to help out with a I'm Going To College event at SFSU, where I was volunteered to be the mascot. My first concern was to not think about how many different people had worn that mascot head because it was a warm day and I knew it was going to get sweaty in there. I don't know how Lee Corso does it. I could see out the mouth between the teeth, but couldn't really see to either side. Kids kept sticking their arms and heads through the foam teeth so I thrashed around so it looked like I was biting them. I also didn't wear the alligator feet (would have been impossible for me to walk) and some kid made a comment like 'Hey, alligators don't wear shoes!' I even signed an autograph as 'Gator.'

It was kind of fun, once I got over the suffocating in my own sweat factor. The only disappointment of the day was at the end. Not one student said 'See you later, Alligator.'


Dan said...

I heart Pedro Feliz.

Earl Cole said...