May 3, 2007

I believe.

All the talk from Charles Barkley made this series much more interesting. That's good tv.

The funniest sign I saw on tv from the Warriors game was one that read 'We Believe Second Round.' Granted, getting past round one of the playoffs is a phemonomial achievement for the perennial-lottery bound Warriors, but shouldn't you believe the team can go all the way?

The Warriors played great. Even Adonyl Foyle got some playing time. But I'm disappointed in Dirk Diggler. He just laid down and died in this series. If I'm to be considered a MVP candidate, and I'm down 20 points in an elimination game, I demand the ball and shoot every time I touch it. The whole Mavericks team seem to have just mailed in the game tonight. Dallas should have been dishing out some hard fouls midway through the second half.

I should have gotten in on the +900.

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