April 3, 2007

After 3 weeks or so, the local country music station (95.7 The Wolf) finally started playing commercials and having live dj's and traffic reports. Oh well, the 15,000 songs in a row was nice while it lasted.

I realize I like country music a lot because most of the songs are about things that normal people can relate to. Being broke, drinking beers, relationship troubles, etc. And the female singers are pretty good looking. I guess hip-hop and rap got some good looking ladies and some decent songs, but I get tired of hearing guys rap about getting crunk and 'making it rain'.

Mad Cal's Top 5 Country Music Artists
1. Sugarland
2. Keith Urban
3. Carrie Underwood
4. Toby Keith
5. Sara Evans

I don't actually watch the show, but it looks like American Idol is becoming a joke with this bad-singing-crazy-hair guy staying on every week. It looks like the fan voting in the show has caught up to the levels of NBA All-Star voting. There will of course be outraged fans whenever he either wins the whole thing or when he finally gets voted off. People will complain and there will be congressional hearings to examine the American Idol voting system. I would be more interested if Simon Cowell would take a page from the Laura Roslyn playbook (BSG reference, see the section labeled 'Election') to get this loser off the show. Someone has got to protect the legacy of Kelly Clarkson and my girl Carrie!

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