April 4, 2007

The baseball season just started and my fantasy teams are already in trouble. In my 12 team NL league, my big money Z-men (Zito and Zambrano) have done nothing and I have a pitcher who already has an 0-2 record after 2 team games (R. Madson).

My softball team from work played our first game tonight. And as of right now, we have exactly as many wins as the San Francisco Giants. There's a lot of rookies playing, so the captain put me in as the pitcher. Everyone else is scared of shots back up the middle or lack the ability to throw a ball underhand 40 feet with any kind of control.

Here was my pitching line tonight: 6IP 5H* 14R 3ER* 2BB 2K 1HR *estimated due to an abundance of errors

I thought I did pretty well, except for the 2 walks and 1 deep home run served up. (Both walks were to girls! They make us use a smaller ball when ladies bat, and the ump was squeezing me.)
If our shortstop could stop a ball and our outfield could field a few flies, we would have won easily. I expect our defense to be better in future games when our captain actually puts himself on the field in place of some of the rooks. If not, I'm going to pull an Armando and blame teammates for not doing their jobs. But it's not like I was helping myself at the plate today either, managing only a few weak grounders and one long flyout. I should have used my wooden bat.

Here's the pitches in my arsenal:
1. Curveball - I try to sneak this over the inside corner to rightys
2. Screwball - Whenever I need a strike, this is the go-to pitch
3. Straight Fastball - Not really fast, as we play slow-pitch, but really straight, usually only for ladies
4. Cut Fastball - Not much movement, but not as easy to hit as the straight fastball
5. Knuckleball - It actually knuckles pretty good, but rarely finds the strike zone
6. Gyroball - Any pitcher worth his salt can throw one of these
7. 3/4 Screwball - 3/4 underhand pitch that ends up as a backdoor screwball
8. Mars Ball - When I mess up throwing a knuckler and leave a straight flat pitch that a good hitter can send to the red planet
9. Bean Ball - I save these for Omar Vizquel.

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