February 20, 2007

This year's marathon: 26+ miles

Next year's marathon: 4000 miles

I'll have to upgrade the finisher's medals to 24k gold for that event.

Now that spring training has started, I'm doing little more running and conditioning work to get myself back into soccer/softball shape. And like the 126 million dollar man, Barry Zito, I am working on some changes to my throwing motion. Specifically, I am working on throwing left handed. This will most likely not give me any kind of an advantage on the field at all, except to confuse the other team. But when they make my baseball card, the back will say Bats: Both and Throws: Both. That will be cool.

Bonus sports item: Earlier this year, Rocky Balboa made a successful return to the ring. Now, Tommy Gunn is back as well. Now we just need Ivan Drago to fight Mr. T in some UFC or WWE pay per view event, and the un-retirement of all the Rocky fighters will be complete. (Apollo's un-retirement party was ruined by Drago. He came back to teach Adam Sandler how to play golf, but also managed to get killed in that movie. Didn't Carl Weathers also die in Predator? He needs a better agent.)

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