February 26, 2007

I was on a field trip to Sonoma State University today. The student panel and tour guides were pretty pathetic. The rain made the trip even better. Even though my job is to encourage kids to go to college, I find it hard to recommend Sonoma State. The student panel was asked to give 5 reasons why kids should go to SSU instead of UC Santa Cruz and they could only come up with 3 reasons. Way to show that Seawolves spirit.

I have come up with my newest million dollar idea today: Buy stock in hearing aids. Or become an audiologist. These frickin middle school kids can't go 5 minutes without plugging an iPod at full blast into their ears. I have no problem with the music, even though most of today's music is crap with the exception of John Mayer and U2. I just don't want to be able to hear it from your headphones when I'm 5 feet away. But at least it always allow you to say stuff like 'Hey, [enter insult here]' in a normal tone of voice, followed by the student removing one earbud saying 'Huh?' and then everyone else around him/her getting a good laugh.

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