February 27, 2007

I am so tough that today I nearly self-amputated the tip of my left index finger while chopping onions and still did not cry.

However, while sauteing the onions, I did splash some hot oil on the inside of my left forearm which now stings like a bastard.

There's no crying in cooking!

Although one time one the Food Channel, I was watching one of those chef challenges (not Iron Chef) where they were competing to see who can create the best looking fruit structure. It had to be five feet tall and could use whatever fruits they wanted. One team consisted of a small Asian woman and her even smaller female cooking buddy. After 8 hours of work, it was time for them to move their 120 pound 5 feet tall fruit tower to the judging table. To nobody's surprise, everything fell. And then, obviously unaware of the second unwritten rule* of cooking, she cried.

*First unwritten rule of cooking: The five second rule. Our team was caught on video using this rule during our Iron Chef Challenge a few weeks ago.

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