March 1, 2007

I just wasted 35 cents.

Let me explain. I needed to mail a letter. With the power of the internet (thank you, Al Gore), I can take care of most things online, so I don't really have a need for stamps anymore. I found a few 37 cent stamps that had been sitting around forever. It currently cost 39 cents to send a letter first class. (I find it strange that first-class is not the top of the line service. No free slippers or wine here.)

So I had 2 options:
A) go to the post office and spend a dime on five 2-cent stamps so I can use up the rest of my 37 stamps (dumb and utter waste of time) or
B) slap 2 of the 37 cents stamps and overpay for postage.

I figure I would be wasting 37 cents by not using the stamp at all. After all, it's just 35 cents. Of course, later I'll be at Safeway thinking that it is such a great deal that Oreo's are 2 for $5 instead of $3 each.

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