January 28, 2007

Miles: 26+ (maybe up to 28)
Half marathon finishers: 3
Full marathon finishers: 4
Numbers of deaths: 0
Hours it took me: 10+

Maybe it was one of the stupidest things many of us have ever tried to do. It'll probably take 2 or 3 days before my legs fully recover. Sure, real runners actually complete the distance in less than half the time. But it was kind of fun. Okay, it started off fun, then slowly turned into a combination of fatigue and pain.

I was standing at Coit Tower and thinking that how cool it was that just a few hours ago, we were in the Sunset District. Then every 10 minutes after that, I was thinking that maybe I should have trained more for this marathon. At one point on the Golden Gate Bridge, I thought about picking up one of the Crisis Line phones and telling them how much I was hurting and how I wanted it to end.

At about the 24 mile mark, I nearly passed out, but was saved by a swig of Pepsi and a pack of Sun Chips that I picked up from 7-11. (The Gatorade helped, but I'm convinced it was the Pepsi that revived me.) This week, Mad Cal will be sponsored by Ben Gay and ice.

Thanks to all who participated and helped out. Can't wait until we do it next year.

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