January 24, 2007

"Live or die, make your choice!"

That's the line from Saw that Jigsaw gives to several of his victims. Some kids at school were talking about the Saw movies. After I told them they shouldn't be watching them, I told them I liked the movies because the bad guy was just so bad and evil, yet a genius. Then I told them: "Homework or detention, make your choice!"

I have made a choice. I am putting my life on the line this Saturday by participating in the first ever CBC marathon. I might have to change the CBC name, as this event is not really sponsored by Chinese Bible Church. In fact, this past week, our church leaders gave the warning that at least one person dies in every marathon. We had about 10 people who were interested in doing the 26+ mile course. But that number has dropped to 7. Meaning my chances of death are now 1 in 7, up from the 1 in 10.

Most of us are not planning to run the whole distance. In fact, I probably won't even run more than a quarter of it. My 2 week training plan consisted of 1 40 minute cardio workout and a lot of rest. I'm just saving all my strength for jogging and walking on Saturday. Is that a good game plan? Of course not! Is having Rex Grossman drop back and attempt a forward pass a good game plan? Of course not! But somehow it works.

But if I die, I wish to leave my Saw dvds to Room 4 at Fernando Rivera Middle School.

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