January 29, 2007

Since the Super Bowl pre-game shows are about to start in an hour and run non-stop for the next few days, it's time for a few sport-related rants.

People do realize that Barbaro was a horse, right? Not even a talking horse like Mr. Ed or a magical horse like Shadowfax from Lord of the Rings. According to WIkipedia, horsemeat is slightly sweet, tender, low in fat, and high in protein. One Barbaro Burger with no mayo, please!

Federer vs. Tiger? This stupid debate about who is more dominant in their sport is dumb and bores me. Put Federer or Woods in a cage with their racket/3-iron against a live Bengal tiger and now I'm watching. Fox needs to bring back Man vs Beast.

On the tennis note, some peeps have called Serena Williams fat. Us from the hood just call her 'thick.'

I watched the end of the Spurs-Lakers game on Sunday. Kobe Bryant has gotten really good since he started wearing number 24. I guess the league got over the old-new synthetic ball real fast.

Barry Bonds is officially back! I think the Giants are a better team with him. I don't care what all those hypocritical haters say about Bonds. He should dedicate home run 756 to Bud Selig. And why is Congress stil messing with Barry? Can't they try to fix health care or legalize online gambling instead?

SB XLI prediction: Chicago 24 Indy 20. The Bears will score (or be put in 1st and goal range) twice on defense and once on special teams.

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