January 15, 2007

I spent half of today's daylight hours watching the Battle Star Galacta season 3 marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel. I watched 6 hours and have 4 hours still left on the dvr. Best show on tv without a doubt. I also have 4 hours of Jack Bauer to catch up on. There are not enough hours in the day now that the new tv season is here.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day. Why is there no Asian birthday to celebrate? Surely, there must be some person of Asian decent who did something important enough in California to earn the kids a day off from school.

I was going to suggest something like a Bruce Lee Day, but his birthday (November 27)falls too close to Thanksgiving. So since I'm in Battlestar mode, how about Grace Park Day (March 14)? Her bio says she was #81 on Maxim's Hot 100 List in 2005, but she slipped to #93 in 2006. I think it's an achievement worthy of a state holiday. Her bio also says she was born in L.A., but raised in Canada, so she considers herself Canadian. This potential holiday could be exactly what we need to improve California-Canada relations. Imagine trading all of our E. Coli spinach or lettuce for Canadian bacon and ginger ale. What a deal. I can't wait until I become President so I can create more holidays.

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