January 10, 2007

I did not get the required 75% of the votes to make the Baseball Hall of Fame. I got 0.00% of the votes, exactly the same percentage that baseball greats Bobby Will, Wally Joyner, Devon White, and World Series hero Scott Brosius got. Even Jay Buhner got one vote. Buhner's career average is .254. I'm a career .459 hitter. I feel robbed.

Why is making the Hall of Fame such a big deal? I guess making the millions and millions of dollars while playing baseball for a living isn't enough for some folks. Sure it's nice to be acknowledged as one of the greats, but think about it. 5 years after you retire from your workplace, would it matter if they told you you were one of the best accountants/teachers/engineers/whatever the company ever had?

They should change the voting process so only Hall of Famers can vote for future Hall of Famers. The sports media gets too much hype anyways. Besides, game recogonize game, right?

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