January 4, 2007

The short version of the Olympic video from producer Kenny Ko.

The CBC Olympics are back and bigger than ever. We are trying to make this more of a team competition. The first week will feature tug of war, some kind of distance relay and ultimate frisbee. During the second week, each team will break off and send its delegates to compete in either basketball, volleyball, or table tennis. We will also have dodgeball and I'm still working on getting ultimate fighting sanctioned as an event.
However, we have been forced to include many of the individual events we did last time for the high school crowd who will be joining us for this Olympics and did not get a chance to compete last time.

There is also a special event that we like to call the marathon on Saturday 1/27. That's right, 26.2 miles. Only one or two competitors will actually run more than half of it, but we believe that just finishing our course is an accomplishment in itself, so we're giving out prizes to anyone who completes at least half of it. We could have copied the SF marathon route, but we like to make things harder. Besides, we don't have roads closed off for us, so ours will me much more dangerous as well as more fun.

Our course:
1. CBC building (19th and Rivera)
2. Mt. Davidson Cross
3. City Hall
4. AT&T Park
5. Chinatown Gates
6. Coit Tower
7. Crooked part of Lombard St
8. Municipal Pier by Aquatic Park
9. Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge
10. CBC building

Total travel time according to Yahoo maps: 56 minutes

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