December 10, 2006

Blue Light Special

Brian and Kenny (no relation to ESPN anchor Brian Kenny) have been working hard to put up Christmas decorations in the auditorium and high school room at CBC. I was helping them out last week when we strung up the blue lights around the auditorium. After putting the strings of lights up, something didn't look right to Brian. The green wire connecting all the blue lights was really distracting against the light colored walls. (Most lights have green wires so they can blend in with the trees.) Stores had the mini lights with white wires, but we were unable to find any blue C7-sized Christmas lights with white wires.

So we put our Berkeley minds together to come up with a plan.
3 cans of spray paint + blue lights with green wires + a few hours in a poorly ventilated room = blue lights with white wires + one very calloused index finger.

So now, the strings of lights has a 'frosty' look to it. If you look closely at the strands of blue lights, they look pretty GHetto, with a capital GH. But when looking from across the room or when some of the room lights are off, it looks much better than before.

I'm going to have to start putting up some Christmas stuff around the condo. Our crazy neighbor is already in the process of trying to take over the whole building with her decorations. I'm not going to let that happen.

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