December 7, 2006

I've been drinking a lot of milk these past two days. Well, maybe not a lot, but at least more than usual. I've got to beat the 'Best by December 9' date this time.

Every two weeks or so, I pick up some milk when I get groceries and other food items. I don't drink a lot of milk. I'm not lactose intolerant, I just never really liked the taste of milk. I do like cereal. All kinds, the chocolate flavored bunch, the ones with marshmallows, even the regular healthy ones like Grape Nuts or Special K. So with all this cereal, I need some milk.

The problem is that it is always a better deal to purchase the gallon of milk instead of the half gallon. For about 50 or so cents more, I can get twice as much, although I may not finish it all and it takes up more space in the fridge. (The best deal is actually to purchase 2 gallons from Safeway or Albertson's, but that's where some law of diminishing returns kicks in.) It seems other members of this household drink the 1 or 2% low fat milk, and I like the whole fat milk. (You would think whole milk would equal 100% fat milk, but it's only about 4%. What a ripoff.) I'm probably not eating as much cereal as I think I will because I always have at least half of the gallon left over when it hits the due date. So it would seem to make sense for me to buy just the half gallon of milk next time, but I never do. I always think there is a chance I can use up the whole gallon.

There's about 1/3 of the milk left with 2 days to go. I have an outside chance of finishing. And to think some people are willing to drink a whole gallon of this stuff in one hour for $40. I believe the gallon of milk (must be at least 2%) in one hour challengers are 0-2 or 0-3 so far, but I know it can be done. Just not by me.

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