December 26, 2006

4-3 in the college bowl picks so far.

12/26 Motor City Bowl: Middle Tennessee State +8.5 vs Central Michigan A directional non-state State school. But I've been playing the MTSU Blue Raiders in the NCAA Football dynasty mode. And they play in in a place called Murfreeboro.

12/27 Emerald Bowl: UCLA -3.5 vs Florida State
Thanks to a parlay with the Hawaii game, UCLA can win me $50 if they beat FSU by 5. (The line was 4.5 earlier inthe week).

12/28 Independence Bowl: Oklahoma State -2 vs Alabama I hate the SEC.

12/28 Texas Bowl: Rutgers -7.5 vs Kansas State Rutgers isn't that good. K-State is worse.

12/28 Holiday Bowl: Cal -4 vs Texas A&M I know bad things happened for Cal last time they played in the Holiday Bowl, but I would have picked the Golden Bears if this line was +5 or -21. (It doesn't matter what you line is!)

12/29 Music City Bowl: Clemson -10 vs Kentucky Continuing the SEC hate here. Plus, Clemson's coach is one of my favorites.

12/29 Sun Bowl: Oregon State -3 vs Missouri
At least one of the Oregon teams better represent for the Pac 10.

12/29 Liberty Bowl: South Carolina -6 vs Houston I heard Spurrier say: "Give me liberty or give me pizza!"

12/29 Insight Bowl: Texas Tech -6.5 vs Minnesota Whatever.

12/29 Champs Sports Bowl: Purdue -1 vs Maryland
When the line is at 1, flip a coin.

I'll stop at Friday for now. The big money picks are coming soon.

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