December 29, 2006

As we get close to the new year, I guess it's time for the new version of blogger.

Before I get to my big money bowl picks, 2 quick football notes:

1) The Pac 10 has been overly disappointing thus far, but how about them Cal Bears? Despite not having the edge in the all important cheerleader category, they dominated Texas A&M. They even pulled a play out of 'Rudy' and scored a TD when the coach ordered a kneeldown. Awesome.

2) I hate Clemson. All praise for coach Tommy Bowden is recinded after getting blown out by a 10 point underdog in a bowl game. (They scored a late TD to make it look closer than it was.)

12/30 Meineke Car Care Bowl: Boston College -7 vs Navy BC has screwed me all year, so I'll pick them, but I won't bet on them.

12/30 Alamo Bowl: Texas -9 vs Iowa Iowa is 2-6 in conference play. Bowl games used to have standards when selecting teams.

12/30 Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl: Virginia Tech -3 vs Georgia More SEC bashing.

12/31 MPC Computers Bowl: Miami -3.5 vs Nevada Reno I did not know Nevada Reno had a Div I football team. I hope the MPC Computers were not involved in the BCS rankings.

1/1 Outback Bowl: Tennessee -4 vs Penn St SEC team, but Joe Paterno is 96 years old with a bum leg.

1/1 Cotton Bowl: Auburn -2 vs Nebraska Another SEC team.

1/1 Capital One Bowl: Arkansas -2 vs Wisconsin I've just picked 3 SEC teams to win on Jan 1st. Maybe they are better than I thought.

1/1 Gator Bowl: West Virginia -11 vs Georgia Tech The WV coach screwed Alabama (a SEC team), so I'm picking them.

1/1 Rose Bowl: USC pick vs Michigan Pac 10 power!

1/1 Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma -7.5 vs Boise St If not for the Pac 10 replay officials (some of that Pac 10 power at work), OU might have a legit claim to #2 in the BCS. No blue turf to help Boise here.

1/2 Orange Bowl: Louisville -10 vs Wake Forest This could be a good basketball matchup.

1/3 Sugar Bowl: LSU -9.5 vs Notre Dame I can't stop picking SEC teams. I hate myself for this. Someone help me. I still can't figure out how LSU and Auburn ended up being ranked higher than their division champ Arkansas.

1/6 International Bowl: Cincinnati -7.5 vs Western Michigan
This bowl should be played wither a week earlier or it should be played in Mexico City.

1/7 GMAC Bowl: Southern Mississippi -6 vs Ohio I guess this isn't the good team from the state of Ohio.

1/8 BCS Championship Game: Ohio St -7.5 vs Florida
Only to show that I still don't like the SEC.

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