November 1, 2006

New season, new coach, new name for the home arena, same old results. The NBA season has started and the Warriors are already in mid-season form.

I stayed away from fantasy basketball this season. I'm already busy losing at fantasy football and fantasy hockey. But I also want to see if I might enjoy watching the NBA more if I wasn't just rooting for certain players to get stats. In the past few years, I've been disenchanted with action on the hardwood floor because most teams are comprised of selfish players who just want to dunk or heave up three point shots. Of course, these are the type of players who make good picks in fantasy leagues.

Most teams are still full of me-first players getting ridiculous contracts. The NBA playoffs have the stupidest scheduling in the history of sports. You can't taunt players by calling them 'monkeys.' They introduced a new ball for no good reason other than to stuff more money into the league pockets. Every nationally televised game has to feature Kobe or Lebron. But despite these things, I'm going to give the NBA a chance this season because I don't have Fox Sports World to follow the English Premier League. Go Blackburn Rovers!

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