November 2, 2006

So I kind of stuck to my plan about watching more NBA action. I recorded The Office, watched most of the West Virginia - Louisville game (Rutgers just has to take down Louisville and Cal will move into the national championship game), and watched most of the Sharks game. But I did catch the last 45 seconds of the Spurs - Mavericks game and a few minutes of the Clippers - Nuggets game.

My favorite NBA statline of the early season comes form my good buddy Jacque Vaughn, who is now playing for San Antonio: 0 minutes, 1 reb. That means his rebounds per minute rate is infinity!

Of course, every time I hear the name Jacque Vaughn, I think about the infamous 1 for 27. I don't remember if I blogged about it a few years ago, but it happened while Jason, Danny and I were living at 5824. And it makes a great story, so I'll tell it now.

Playing for the Atlanta Hawks in 2001, Vaughn started off the NBA season shooting 0-22 through 4 games. In his fifth game, he finally made a basket and was shooting 1 for 27 from the field for the season. Sportscenter made a big show of it, with fireworks going off and huge celebrations breaking out after he made his basket. Vaughn apparently didn't think it was so funny though. I thought it was hilarious. I even bragged that I could even shoot better than 1 for 27 from the opposite free throw line at the First Baptist Church gym we used to play basketball at many Friday night ago.

So we head over to the gym and after I put up 27 shots from three-quarters court and made a total of zero, my roommates imposed a punishment on me. I had to write a letter to Jacque Vaughn and apologize for mocking him and then tell him the whole story of what I did. I included a basketball card of his and asked him to sign it for me, because 1 for 27 was better than I could do. A few weeks later, I receive a letter in the mail containing the very same card signed by Jacque Vaughn! Since then, he has been one of my top five NBA ballers in the league.

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