October 27, 2006

So the Giants have decided to play Bochy Ball. Not to be confused with bocce ball. Can't say I'm too excited about that choice, but the Giants' fate next season will depend on who they choose to spend their big bucks on.

Baseball teams should use managers the way the WWE does. Allow managers to come out of the dugout on to the field to distract the umpires during a close play at first. They can sneak up on the batter and whack him with a kendo stick just as the pitcher is starting his windup. They can toss a handful of dirt into the eyes of the third baseman as he comes in to field a bunt. Or teams can just hire a hot girl to strut around while the starting lineups are being announced. This is a great idea and you baseball people know it. I mean, does it really take a genius to call for the left-hander after your starting pitcher served up 5 runs in the 6th inning?

Vince McMahon did create the now defunct XFL, so maybe he'll be willing to try this sometime in the near future. Sure it would make a mockery of the national pastime, but I bet you would watch. However, I would not bet on the outcomes of any of these games no matter what.

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