October 25, 2006

After school yesterday, I got to my car and noticed it looked as if somone had tossed a few handfuls of dirt on my windshield/hood area. I haven't made any enemies at this school yet and there were no suspicious kids standing around. Then I noticed there were gardeners working on the school grounds next to where I parked and it was a bit windy that day, so I literally just brushed it off and didn't think too much of it.

Today I was back at the same school and parked in roughly the same spot. When I stepped out of my still slightly grimy car, I looked across the street and saw one of those self-service car wash stations. Coincidience? Or sneaky marketing plans? I'm not giving in to their dirty tactics (get it, dirt-y tactics). In fact, I might toss some more dirt on my car and then park directly in front of their business just to show them they can't bully me around.

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