October 23, 2006

Fall Olympics Day 2

The final five events of our Fall Olympics were contested on Sunday. It was a lot of fun to see everyone compete and have a good time with our events.

Sand Dune Run
This was supposed to be a real test of power and endurance. The course was about 200 meters long and had 2 major sand dunes to overcome (think of a soft beach at a 45 degree incline). Brian placed first with a time of just over 46 seconds. My legs ran out of of power and I had to crawl across the finish line to claim a 6th place finish. My quads were so dead, I couldn't even stand for several minutes after the run. I had to roll down the sand dune. (I think Kenny has some great video of this somewhere.)

Bennie came in and just dominated this event, cranking out 17 reps with 2 60 pound dumbbells. Martin, with the home field advantage took second, and Bernard and Alex also put up good showings. I finished out of the points in 7th place. Needed more juice.

Agility/Shuttle Run
We set up a quick obstacle course based on the agility test they do in the NFL. Let's just say I have the agility of a backup kicker. I might be faster than the Falcon's 46 year old Morten Andersen. Ben, Alex, and Brian took the top three spots.

Sudoku Combat
Brian dominated this event, getting through the double elimination bracket without a loss. David took advantage of a great draw and placed 2nd. Allan, Pat, Ben and Alex rounded out the points spots. I like crossword puzzles.

Bible Video Game
We had to teach a few of the rookies how to play and we must have done a good job. Despite me dominating the 'Snakes on a Plane' challenge round, I only placed 4th. Alex, Ben and Brian finished 1, 2, and 3.

Fall Olympics Champion: Brian
Silver Medalist: Ben
Bronze Medalist: Alex
Women's Division Gold Medalist: Peony

Not everyone got to compete in every event, so we're giving advance notice for the Winter Olympics to be held in January. This time, it will be a team competition (prob 4 or 5 with at least one girl per team) so you will not have to train for every single event. We're still taking nomination for events, but we have bowling and one basketball related competition and some sort of distance running confirmed so far. Remember, this competition is open to all who want to enter.

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