September 29, 2006

When the highly rated city council meetings are not being broadcast on the local access channel, they run a whole bunch of community service ads. This string of televised flyers list job postings, community announcements and events, and also for random classes being offered in the area.

Here are some of the classes that I have seen being offered right now in the Daly City area: [Actual on-screen text in brackets]
-Positive Posture and Image Improvement [picture of girl balancing book on her head]
-Beginning Computer Classes [How to start and stop] (That's one of the things they offer in this class.)
-Growing Old Disgracefully [Laughter is the best medicine with no side effects]
-Cake Decorating
-X-Box Gaming Arena Class
-US Citizenship
-Car Care Clinic for Women
-Boxing for Fitness [Get the 'Million Dollar' experience] (Mad Cal note: I'm pretty sure most people looking to get in shape do not want the Million Dollar Baby experience)

I wonder if anyone really responds to these ads. They show up on screen for a few seconds, then cycle through to the next ad. For someone to read all the time/date info and then jot down the phone number or website in 15 seconds is pretty tough. I couldn't even get all the details of the cake decorating class. I guess its their way of forcing people to sit and watch their phoney channel for another 4 minutes.

If you were wondering, I was only watching this channel because one of my Spanish programs ended and I was waiting for Scrubs to start.

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