September 22, 2006

The Summer of Cal is officially over. I ended my streak of slothfulness. I actually went to work somewhere today, ironically only because someone else chose not to work. I filled out all this paperwork to sub in the Daly City school district and today was my first day. I still don't think I want to be a teacher, but I figure I can do this a few days a week while still looking for other work. Besides, I've got to pay for my college football parlays somehow. (Boise St -15 vs Hawaii and Louisville -14 vs. Kansas St this week. Also teased those picks with Cal -1.5 vs ASU and Michigan -7.5 vs Wisconsin.)

I've forgotten how tiny first graders are. I've got kids complaining about other kids sticking their tongues out at them and stupid stuff like that. But I also met a few girls who have better math skills than the 7th graders I worked with last year.

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