September 21, 2006

There are some types of people that you meet in daily life that are just plain annoying. I encountered three today.

The Exact Changer
These tend to be old and are often found in the 10 items or less lane directly in front of you when you only have 2 or 3 items. The register shows $21.86 and the Exact Changer will say to the clerk, 'I have 86 cents' and then proceed to search their change purse for 7 dimes and 16 pennies. They are closely related to the Lost ID Check Writer.

The Green Light Honker
These guys sit behind you at a stoplight and .35 milliseconds after the light turns green, they blast their horn advising you to go because they cannot wait the 1 second it takes to for your foot to move from the brake to the gas pedal. These fools are lucky that the rules of NASCAR do not apply on the roads, because I would let them pass me and then put them in the wall.

The Ignorant Salesman
I love it when I have questions about a product a store sells and the employee working in that department is unable to give a real answer. Once I realize he/she is clueless, I always ask a more complicated follow up question just to see what kind of crap they can come up with before I bust them out.

I'm sure there are many more on this list, such as the Loud Cell Phone Talker or Tough Acting Teenager, but I didn't run into any of them today.

Somehow, I feel partly responible for this statistic about tv's.. (Current household: 4 tv's, 3.5 people.)
A few more additions to the hot women on tv list: ESPN's Erin Andrews, Bridget and Kendra from E!'s The Girls Next Door, and the models on Deal or No Deal.

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