July 31, 2006

Transcript from NBC's The Office:

Michael: And where, where are all the hot people? I was told that there would be all these attractive singles.

Carol: Who told you that?

Michael: And as far as I can tell I'm the best looking person here.


Michael: There's a basic principle, in real estate. That you should never be the best looking person in the development. It's just sort of common sense. Because if you are, then, you got no place to go but down.

I've been living in Daly City for about a month now, and the talent level in this development is pretty much non-existent. I've only run into 2 kinds of people who live here: old and older.

There have been a few minor things I had to adjust to. Poker night is on Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Friday and Saturday. I pay the toll on the Bay Bridge when heading home instead of going out. The Discovery Channel is on channel 15 instead of 29. Still, it's been cool living up here in the fog. We'll see how long it last when I become the non-rent paying roommate. (The past 2 years, I've lived with at least one non-rent payer. It might be my turn to take over that role. Dan will love that.)

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